Quantum Hardware: Transmon Qubits

Figure 1: Superconducting Quantum Computer Interior Credit: IBM (Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/ibm_research_zurich/50252942522/sizes/k/)

This article will give an introduction to quantum computing with superconducting quantum circuits. More specifically, quantum computing with transmon qubits in circuit QED architecture. Nowadays, many Quantum processors use superconducting qubits like IBM Quantum, one of the well known Quantum Giant perfects in superconducting architecture. To understand Superconducting Qubits, let's first understand superconductors and why they play an important role in superconducting qubits.

Topics covered in this article:

  1. What are Superconductors?

What are Superconductors?

In our day to day…

Different species of QUBITS for creating a Quantum Device - Introduction

Figure 1: Superconducting Quantum Computer Interior Credit: IBM (Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/ibm_research_zurich/50252942522/sizes/k/)

ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was the first-ever electronic Classical Computer, approximately equal to the size of the whole room. From then, we have come a long way in the development of the classical computer. Today we are considered to be in a vacuum tube era of Quantum Computing. The Quantum Computers available today are large and robust similar to the early Classical Computers.

Unlike today's Classical Computer, we still have not figured out which technology will be best suited for a near term perfect Quantum Computer to store qubit information. Due to this, there are numerous approaches towards…

Calculating the Ground State Energy of Hamiltonian using Variational Quantum EigenSolver

Figure 1: Periodic table (Image by Elchinator from Pixabay, Source https://pixabay.com/illustrations/periodic-system-chemistry-science-3962844/)

Nowadays, numerous physical problems can be solved using Quantum Computing. One such application lies in Quantum Chemistry, which is simulating the molecule for finding Ground State energy. The Ground state of an atom refers to an unexcited state where the electrons are in their lowest energy levels. Calculating the Ground state energy is extremely important for many-body physics, molecular dynamics, condensed matter physics and various other disciplines. For illustration, it is interesting to know the Ground state of a system in condensed matter, as it informs us about the system’s behaviour at low temperatures, where the quantum effects are usually…

A remarkable approach to power generation

Figure 1: Power lines (Image by Nicole Köhler from Pixabay, Source https://pixabay.com/photos/power-lines-fields-sunset-twilight-532720/)

Due to the rapid increase of dependence on fossil fuels, there is an unprecedented rise in the CO₂ level in the earth’s atmosphere. This has caused some long-lasting disfigurement of our ecosystem. If no limit is set on the haphazard use of fossil fuel, this can lead to the annihilation of numerous species. This is not only restricted to other species but can assimilate and drag humanity into an abyss of darkness and destruction from where it would be almost impossible to bounce back. As said by Leonardo DiCaprio-

Our planet’s alarm is going off, and it is time to…

Image Classification using Variational Quantum Classifier with custom Ansatz in Pennylane

Figure 1: Quantum mechanical wave (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay, Source https://pixabay.com/illustrations/quantum-mechanics-physics-atoms-1525470/)

Image Classification is a fundamental task that attempts to comprehend an entire image. Based on this, the image is classified and given an appropriate label. Image Classification refers to images consisting of only a single object, based on which the whole image is classified. In contrast to this, object detection deals with both the classification and localization of single or multiple objects in the picture. Image classification is used in various disciplines like medical for classifying various diseases and tumours. Furthermore, it is also used in various industries like automobiles, manufacturing industries, merged reality, gaming etc. It is a vital…

‘Quantum Lights Out Solver’ a unique approach for solving the combinatorial problem

Figure 1: https://pixabay.com/images/id-567757/

We are witnessing an unprecedented surge of the buzz word ‘Quantum Computing’. This hype-driven curiosity had started when Google made history in the Quantum world in 2019. It claimed and demonstrated Quantum supremacy with a 53-qubit Quantum processor called Sycamore, based on superconducting architecture. This was the first time when a Quantum computer had outperformed a Classical computer. From that day onwards, this field has witnessed tremendous development in algorithm optimization, hardware enhancement and evolution of architectures based on photonics.

So what is Quantum computing?

Quantum Computing is programming a Quantum device such that the undesirable states destructively interfere whereas…

Figure 1: Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

During the past few months, all of humanity is held captive by this hideously destructive virus. SARS-CoV-2, also known as COVID-19, is very well known to us by now. Where many helpless individuals have fallen prey to this deadly virus raging like wildfire, others among us are finding a cure for this virus. This is where genomic sequencing comes into the picture.

So what is Genome?

According to some experts, the genome is an organisms complete set of instructions. These instructions are responsible for giving a giraffe its long neck or elephant its humongous size. It is also responsible for…


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